三鷹  国際フェスティバル (キャロル先生)

Last Sunday I attended the 29th Mitaka International Festival in Inokashira Park. This festival celebrates different cultures from around the world. There were Japanese students dancing to music from Afghanistan, a Beetles tribute band, African jewelry stalls and food stalls from around the globe. The food was delicious and I was able to meet up with the members of the Irish Network Japan where they had set up an Irish booth selling Guinness and Irish postcards and other small memorabilia. It was lovely to see everyone there and the members are mostly made up of Japanese people so it is a good way for me to brush up on my Japanese. They are all so fond and interested in Irish culture and it really is a pleasure to spend time with them all.

The festival attracted a large crowd and it was a lovely event with the sun shining all day long.

I had my picture taken with some very impressive cosplayers and listened to some bands playing. There were three music stages at the event and it was really interesting to see Japanese musicians play traditional Irish songs on one of the stages. The band members were playing the accordion, the tin whistle and the mandolin. It goes to show that we don’t have to be interested in our own culture alone but we can learn to love and envelope ourselves in any interests and cultures we wish to choose. 



The weather seems to be changing more and more and I am grateful because when I came in July I found the heat to be unbearable. It can be very hot in Jamaica during the summer but I have never experienced such heat until I came here. Luckily, the weather is cooler even though I now have to prepare for rain almost every day. It did not rain over the weekend so that was a great opportunity for me to go hiking at Mount Takao. I enjoyed it immensely although at one point in the journey I wanted to stop. When I finally reached the top I was hoping to go search of a restaurant that has shrimp tempura and nigiri( my favorite) but all they had was soba. I had to get something to drink and go back down the mountain to get food at a restaurant. The food was worth the wait so I definitely did not mind much.  My weekend was well spent.


高尾山 (キャロル先生)

This week I wanted to explore some nature outside of city life and so I decided to get the train to Takao. Takaosanguchi station is only a thirty-minute train ride from where I live so it’s very accessible on my days off. The weather was cool and fresh when I got there and the sun was shining so I decided to walk one of the smaller trails to where there is a viewing point that looks out over the whole of Tokyo. It took about one hour and a half there and back, with the climb filled with some tricky steep and slippery steps. Other hikers I encountered were sure to say “Konnichiwa!” to me as we passed each other along the way. It was amazing to see such a green, nature infused landscape so close to central Tokyo. After my trail, I enjoyed a hot matcha tea and some ice cream while admiring the old traditional style of the buildings and the nearby temple. It was lovely to see the small ornament and food stalls around the train station. The area had a relaxed atmosphere and I felt as though it would be the perfect escape come wintertime. It was a day spent well, out in the open and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


ふじむら祭 (ミーシャ先生)

September 16, 2018 I came to Fujimura school festival and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There are so many talented students who have invested a great amount of time in preparing for this event. I loved the performances by the choir and dance club the most because I love singing and dancing. I tried a Japanese curry dish and I think I will be eating a whole more curry from now on. I was very elated to see my favourite shaved ice on sale. I usually have it with the syrup and milk. The taste was just divine or in Japanese terms simply “oishi”.  I even got some nice items that were being sold in the library that I just could not resist. I am glad I was able to experience a school festival.


ふじむら祭 (キャロル先生)

The past few days have been filled with the students’ excitement and preparation for their Bunkasai festival, which is on this weekend. I have attended their Mass Games rehearsal and was very impressed at the way the students could remember all of the different dance moves, especially when using a range of props. They are a very talented bunch.

This week was also my first time in Hazama, Hachioji. The first thing I saw when I stepped onto the platform were the green mountains in the distance. They looked so peaceful; it reminded me to start hill and mountain climbing, especially now that the weather is a lot cooler. Tokyo has so much to offer in this regard with its natural side such a contrast to its city life. It has the best of both worlds.

日本での生活 (ミーシャ先生)

Taking the trains continue to be a feat. It will take some time to adjust since I am used to driving in my home country. I also continue to get lost too often! Once I have to go somewhere different from my usual route, I end up following the directions on google, which can go really well or really bad. I am also just experimenting with food as I buy things based on how they look without having a clue what they are. I have started some Japanese classes on Saturdays though because I want to better informed.

Week two of work at a new school has been an interesting one. I have developed a greater appreciation for the level of discipline and commitment the students and teachers at Fujimura display. The Mass Games was a beautiful presentation. Watching the rehearsals, I was amazed at how cooperative the students were. I would really love to know what contributes to them being so disciplined because this is something I would like to help develop in schools in Jamaica.



Hello, my name is Carol and I am from the green hills of Ireland. Ireland is famous for Irish dancing, the Celtic cross and St. Patrick’s Day. Farming is very popular in Ireland and the wet weather helps to keep the scenery green and lush. The summer temperatures rarely rise above 24 degrees and it can sometimes rain a lot. The winters are long, cold and dark. However, despite the unreliable weather, there are many festivals in Ireland throughout the year, especially in the summer time. Irish people love to celebrate and there is a big sense of community in our country.

I am looking forward to exploring Japan and all it has to offer.



Hello! My name is Measha Williams and I am from Kingston, Jamaica (The country famously known for GREAT athletes like Usain Bolt). I am not as fast as Bolt but I was a very good soccer player when I was in college. Before I came here, I was teaching English in Jamaica for 13 years. I chose to be a teacher because I love to know that I have made a positive contribution the development of young people. I hope to do the same here as well.

This is my first time in Japan and I am very excited about being here and learning about the culture. I absolutely love music, dance, poetry, Art and any form of self-expression. I hope to enjoy all of these things while I am here. I am eager to learn the language as well as I want to be able to engage in conversations as well.